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Plant-Based vs. Meat-Based Diets: Which is Right for Your Pup?
September 22, 2020 at 4:00 AM
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Vegans, vegetarians, and omnivore pet owners alike want to be sure they’re feeding their furry family members the best food possible.

But many wonder, “Should my dog be eating a vegan-based diet or a meat-based diet?”

Dylan’s Pet Food of California is here to help you compare the two so you can make an educated decision.

We’ll take a look at the two based on eco-friendly options, production quality, and necessary nutrients. So let’s get started!

Vegan dog food is very eco friendly.

Meat production is responsible for a great deal of earth pollution. For example, one hamburger requires enough fossil fuels to drive a compact car for almost 20 miles. That’s why vegan dog food is a great choice for those who are concerned with climate control. A grain free and gluten free plant-based dog food helps the environment and keeps Fido full.

Meat-based dog food is rich in protein, but less eco friendly.

Dogs require protein in their diet, so this is an important thing to consider since. meat-based dog food has plenty of protein for your pet. However, as mentioned above, meat production requires a great deal of water usage, fossil fuels, and can create harmful byproducts. So take some time to research how much protein your dog requires.

Vegan dog food has adapted over time to supply necessary nutrients.

While dogs are descendants of wolves and coyotes, their digestive system has adapted over time with their domestication. Dogs are now able to process starches, sugars, and more. And Dylan’s Pet Food makes dog food that provides all the nutrients and proteins your dog needs.

Meat-based dog food provides more basic nutrients.

Since meat-based dog food has been around for longer, it’s more likely to provide all the basic protein needs that dogs require. That being said, there have been more instances of harmful byproducts in meat-based dog food, such as pentobarbital (a drug used for euthanizing pets). This can give dog owners some pause when considering more traditional pet food, since quality control has been overlooked in the past.

Vegan dog food is highly recommended for overweight dogs.

Vegan diets are typically lower in fat since they do not have any meat-based proteins. Meat-based proteins often have more fat, which contributes to weight gain. This is why dogs often lose weight when they switch to vegan dog food. The plant based diet allows their body to get the nutrients they need without excess fat or processed food.

Meat-based dog food is okay for overweight dogs.

Depending on what kind of food your dog eats, and how much they eat, meat-based dog food can help overweight dogs manage their weight. However, be sure to check the ingredient list for fat content as well as potential grain and gluten products, as this could contribute to sluggish behavior and weight gain. Talk with your veterinarian to see if a meat-based diet is right for your pup.

No matter what diet you decide is best for your pet, Dylan’s Pet Food is here to provide you with great vegan dog food options.

We’ve taken time to cultivate a wonderful range of products for your dog so that you can be eco-friendly and give your dog all the nutrients and proteins they need to be happy and healthy.

If you have any questions about our vegan, grain-free and gluten-free dog food and treats, we’re happy to answer them. Or if you’re ready to get started, head over to our shop to find our wide selection of products.

Happy tails to you and yours!