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3 reasons to switch to Dylan's vegan dog food
March 15, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Vegan dog food is great for all types of dogs, even those with high energy!

Veganism is a health-enhancing diet choice that ultimately results in a better quality of life. And, while it may surprise some dog owners, the same is true of vegan dog food. And, at Dylan’s Pet Food, we’ve been supplying specially tailored vegan pet meals to California for years.

Most mass-produced pet food from major brands is highly processed and full of unhealthy ingredients and preservatives. It’s like eating fast-food every day for your dog. And that’s why vegan dog food is so essential to their health and quality of life!

Here are 3 reasons to switch to vegan dog food from Dylan’s Pet Food!


One of the biggest benefits of switching to vegan dog food is allergies. In fact, the top 3 food allergens in dogs are actually animal products (beef, dairy, and chicken). If you’re noticing that your dog is itchy, or if it has digestive issues such as constipation, loose stool, gas, or even vomiting, it’s time to try vegan pet food!

In fact, most of these reactions can be ameliorated with a complete, balanced vegan diet. It’s easier to digest and significantly reduces exposure to allergens, which is major. This is because, ultimately, overexposure to allergens is a serious health concern that can severely compromise their immune system.

Chronic conditions

Many vets are in concurrence that the increase in chronic health conditions in pets, such as cancers, kidney failure, and other degenerative diseases, is ultimately due to harmful ingredients in commercial, meat-based pet food. It’s a key reason to switch to vegan dog food.

In fact, a study has shown that there are toxic carcinogens found in the fur of dogs who are consuming commercial, meat-based foods that is reportedly similar to the levels in humans who also consume meats and animal-based products.

As a result, red and processed meats are now being declared carcinogenic. Furthermore, a study has also shown toxic chemicals in food result in difficult to treat chronic conditions, and it even has been correlated with a rise in cancer in the pet population.

Universal goodness

In this age of endless options with potentially severe consequences, there's only one option that’s great for all types of dogs. And that’s vegan dog food.

Even senior dogs can benefit greatly from this switch. It’s particularly great for their overall mobility and quality of life. Because plant-based diets are naturally anti-inflammatory, easy on digestion, and overall less straining on their system, vegan-based diets for dogs can be supremely beneficial because they counter joint-pain, arthritis, and other issues age presents.

And, whether you’re dealing with sensitive dogs (especially dogs with loads of allergies) or diabetic dogs, vegan dog food can exponentially improve their quality of life by reducing exposure to allergens in the former and decreasing insulin needs in the latter.

Even dogs with high-energy levels will be able to transition seamlessly and maintain their active lifestyle. Vegan dog food will only benefit them in the long run by helping them maintain their energy levels and excellent physical condition. In short, vegan dog food is basically a net positive for dogs of all dog types.

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If you’re considering switching your dog to a vegan diet, what are you waiting for? Every day eating clean is one more day bolstering their health. And, with Dylan’s Pet Foods, you’re guaranteed a grain-free, gluten-free, vegan, plant-based meal tailored to your pet’s needs.

Fill out our questionnaire now to get started. We’ve been supplying California with the premier vegan dog food for years and measure our success in the healthy pups left in our wake!